About TroopTree

TroopTree is the military branded version of the KeepTree Video Messaging platform, made available to all members of the military and their families for FREE

Founded in December 2011, KeepTree is a PRIVATE video messaging platform for web and mobile that allows users to UPLOAD, RECORD, STORE, and SHARE their precious video memories with friends and family, whether it is NOW or 30 years from now.

TroopTree User Testimonial - Jen Cohen, NY

“I have never seen anything like TroopTree before. We have Skype, which is the closest thing but for that we need to be on the same schedule and of course we can’t save our conversations.”

“TroopTree has been so helpful for our 2 and half year old son. He gets excited to be able to record a video for daddy. He thinks he’s on TV when he sees himself on the screen. It is huge for him to speak to my husband throughout the day when he asks rather than have to tell him he has to wait until who knows when.”

“TroopTree has become valuable to us as a family because it allows us to communicate on our own time. If something special happens that the kids and I want to share with my husband right away and he can later watch us while we were in the moment.”