About KeepTree™

Here at KeepTree, we believe that important memories should last forever. That was the belief of Jon Loew, KeepTree’s founder and CEO, when he experienced a life-threatening illness and realized he might not be around to share his thoughts and feelings with his children. He searched but could not find a video service that could capture his ideas and deliver them to his children when they were older. Soon after recovering, he started KeepTree.

KeepTree is the only service that allows you to capture, securely store, and experience important videos, now and forever. We have partnered with Blue Ridge Networks, the leader in network security technology for leading military and financial institutions around the world, to create the most advanced security features to protect your video memories.

With unique features like FutureSend™, you can schedule when to send a video and who gets to see it. Whether it is thirty days or thirty years from now, your video will be delivered. Advanced privacy settings ensure your videos are seen only by the people you choose. You can send to your parents the video of your daughter singing a Miley Cyrus song and be confident that the video will not be available to your daughter’s future employer.

Send a birthday wish to be delivered in a month, record a bedtime story for your kids while away, or just send a funny video to a friend for a laugh. People surprise us every day with fun and touching stories of how they use KeepTree.

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